What to expect…

Attending a church for the first time is always a little daunting. Here is some information about the sort of thing to expect on a morning at St Germain’s, and the way we usually do things here.

You are welcome to sit anywhere in the main part of the church. There is a quiet area at the back on the right for parents with children under three and children a little older can also use the Church lounge during the service if accompanied by an adult.

The toilets are through the door beyond the organ.

Each Sunday, apart from holidays and the first Sunday in each month, we run separate groups for children and young people, at which all children and young people are welcome.

We always begin our worship together, and then on most Sundays adults and young people divide for the part of the service where we seek to learn together. Clear instructions about how this happens are given by the service leader. The full monthly pattern is described here.

We believe that God tells us about himself and his world in the Bible, so each service will include readings from the Bible, and a talk about it. We will sing together, because we want to celebrate who God is, and what he has done. God is living and active today through his Holy Spirit, so we expect that we will meet with him, and be changed, sometimes in surprising ways.

Twice a month our morning service includes communion, where we receive bread and wine to remember Jesus as he told us to. Please feel welcome to go to the front with everyone else when you are invited. If you are a regular churchgoer from any Christian church and normally receive bread and wine, you are welcome to do so here. If you do not usually receive bread and wine, please feel free to come forward for a prayer of blessing. It helps if you hold out your hands if you are expecting to receive bread and wine, and keep them at your side if you want a prayer of blessing.

Towards the end of each Sunday morning service, there is the opportunity to have someone pray briefly with you for any specific need. There will be people available to pray with you on the left of the church, by the cross at the side.

Once a month we have a shared meal in the church hall after the morning service, to which all are welcome.